For the last fifteen years, Quantity Solutions has been chosen by its noteworthy clients to help them out with their projects. Our roles ranged from conceptual cost estimating, forming a construction group, managing an existing project, checking and preparing bids, developing an internal cost database, and procurement of owner-supplied materials to closing out projects. In several projects, we helped out in creating the project concept, allowing us to share our myriad experiences, lessons learned, and market knowledge to deliver a superior product. It was going the extra mile for the customers, a natural practice in our culture as a company.

Every client has different requirements but what is common among them is their need for validation of their costs. Some clients wanted us to be the extension of their office to provide engineering services and others just wanted a third-party opinion on construction costs. Some had specific cost constraints that will affect their profitability and even the viability of the project. Either way, we served their need to complete their project within a fair market cost and translate those savings to either profit or additional budget for project enhancement.

Completing more than 600 projects in the last decade has given us numerous insights and an in-depth understanding of project development. Hotels, residential condominiums, airports, hospitals, highways, and other public infrastructure can now be planned well from the cost perspective. At the end of the day, it will always be a question of viability, sustainability, and applicability. It will always be a matter of investment cost and its returns.

In 2015, QSI developed the Create, Build, Multiply. The idea was to create projects, offer them to investors, and start new projects with readily available financials to fund the projects. This allows local and foreign investors to ride on readily available business concepts, fund them and help the local economy grow. The only secret behind it is understanding the whole project development process and avoiding the enormous cost of pre-construction planning.

Create, Build, Multiply projects are designed to be done with a small pilot project, and develop its viability before the bigger project is begun. The feasibility study and financial studies allow the owner to analyze the project risks involved, the size of the investment, the rate of return, the opportunity to expand, and the overall sense of profitability.

QSi plays the role of a deal originator, an ability that is so unique yet so practical and versatile. It is an ability that will shape the way we do business and the way we will be able to truly contribute to nation-building. We are here to help shape the future of Cost Engineering. Why wait when you can do it now? Create not Wait will fully utilize the skill levels of our engineers and help us to grow our company and bring it to the next level.

For more information on Quantity Solutions’ programs and services, visit or call (+632) 8-856-7700.

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